Totem Sculpture

I got the idea for this project from Niles North H.S.  They have this awesome totem sculpture that they installed at a sculpture park.  Check it out.

totem sculpture1

Their totems are freestanding sculptures outside.  I love that they are outside and think they would be great outside of our school.  Each one of the cubes is a separate piece.  So, you would be in charge of creating/designing one cube.  All of the cubes would then come together to create one totem.

totem sculpture

Notice there are some band-like pieces as well.  Each piece fits on a pole to complete the structure.

I have two visions for this project:

  • Either complete a piece out of clay, that can be added to a group of work to create a totem for the front of our school.
  • Or complete a piece that will wrap the lovely posts in my room.   If you choose this route, your piece must come apart and either wrap around the post or be tied on somehow.

For either project, you must be sure that your piece is sturdy.  If it is outside it will have to brave the elements.  Inside pieces will be touched by other students, it is inevitable.


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