String Mandala Art

In this project, you will use wood, nails, and string to generate a complex mandala design.  Yes, some math is involved, but you can do it!


Plus you’ll have some cool art when you’re done.  Win-Win!

For this project, you will need to either bring in your own piece of plywood or tell me you are interested in completing this project next when you complete the project proposal for the project you will complete before it.  It will take me some time to gather the wood for you.

I do have some embroidery thread you are able to use.  If you want specific colors, check out Walmart or Hobby Lobby, it is pretty cheap.  Plus you should have two weeks to do so, while you wait on wood.


  • Inform me of your intentions to complete this project.
  • Gather Embroidery Thread, if you need to.
  • Complete project proposal & conduct research to locate a design you would like to attempt.
  • Figure out how many nails you will need, you can do this by simply counting the nails in the design pattern you recreating.
  • Do some math.  Find the circumference of the circle you wish to create.  *Note: it will not be the circumference of the wood circle because you can not hammer in nails directly on the edge.  It will need to be slightly smaller than the wood circle.
    • Circumferenc=3.14*Diameter
  • Divide the circumference of your circle by the number of nails you need
    • circumference/#nails= how far apart you will space the nails
  • Measure and place nails
  • Begin testing your design.  You may have to take the string off and start over several times in order to find the correct angle.  TRIAL and ERROR is NOT a failure.  Do not get upset, just keep going!

Here are some cool examples from Pinterest I have found:

One color design

Floral design

Awesome outdoor design

Double circle design