Installation Art

Installation Art is art that is installed into a specific space.  It always makes some sort of statement through the use of specific materials or location.  Check out some of the more famous Installation Artists:

Chihuly: Glass Artist

Damien Hurst: Explores the idea of death

Ai Weiwei: Explores differences in ideal and real Chinese society

How can you create installation art?  Well, we have a whole building with many different rooms to fill.


  1. Figure out what you want to say through your art.  That will guide what materials you use and where you place your exhibit.  So, what are you interested in?  What do you care about?  (the environment, quality of school lunch, length of school day, poverty in our area)
  2. Brainstorm what materials will convey this message the loudest.
  3. Ideate where you should install your work, to be noticed and enhance the meaning.
  4. Create Art!

Here are some school examples I found online, Pinterest, you know!: