Paper mache mask
Masks, Paper Mache

Paper Mache “Masks”

With my Art 1 kids we made “Masks” using paper mache.  I am using the term mask loosely as some of the projects have really be elevated.  Students made sketches for their masks.  I talked about making sketches of several views since the final products would be 3D.

Here is an example of Freshman Dayzi’s sketch:

We used foam core to generate armatures for our masks.

Here is an example of an armature for an elephant mask made out of foam core:


Next step paper mache!  We just used watered down Blick school glue and news print strips.

A couple kids use balloons to generate nice round shapes for their masks.


Once the paper mache was complete, they painted them.

IMG_5890 (1)

Here are some final masks.

Paper mache maskpaper mache iron giantpaper mache bear

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