Loom Building, Looms, Rag Rugs

Building Rag Rug Looms

Last year’s freshmen made rugs using plarn (yarn made of plastic bags) and hoola-hoops as looms.  So now these sophomores wanted to make rugs again, but out of old t-shirts.  some of the students wanted to make rectangle rugs, so we had to make frames to serve as looms.

I found a picture of a rag rug frame online and devised a plan to build our own.  I decided on building frames that were 2′ by 3′.

rag rug frame

Here we are starting to put a frame together.  I decided to use 1″x 2″s because they are cheap and light weight.  I made sure to instruct the kids to pre-drill holes so as not to split the wood.  The 2′ boards go on top of the 3′ boards.


Here is the fabulous Kaylann screwing in the screws we will use to loop the t-shirt yarn around.  We placed them 1″ apart and pre-drilled these as well.  I love a chance to teach girls to use power tools. (promise she is not actually using the drill here 🙂 just posing)… #GirlPower


You can see small splits in the wood here, but they are not too bad.  We are using these screw eyes to hold the dowels that will run down the sides to keep the rugs from squishing in the middle.


The dowels were too tight of a fit for the screw eyes, so here Sam is helping to stretch the eyes just a little so the dowels will slide in.


Here is Rachel with the screen she built.  She was so proud.  Notice the dowels running along the sides and fitting into the screw eyes.

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