Recycled Rugs

Recycled Rugs for Earth Day!

Art 1 students created presentations on the effects of CO2 on climate change in groups as part of a lesson on making art about a big idea.  After presenting their work, they created rugs using plastic grocery sacks.


First we spent a couple days preparing the sack by making “plarn”, yarn made from plastic bags.  To see our plarn making directions, click here.

Once each student had a ball of plarn to start their project with, we began making the rugs.

IMG_3649 (1)

Students brought in hula hoops that we used as looms.  Tying the plarn across five times, then tying one more only half way to make 9 spokes.  It is essential to the weaving process that there are an uneven number of spokes.  The the ball of plarn is tied to the center of the spokes and the weaving process begins.

IMG_3642 (1)

Here are some in-progress rugs.

IMG_3644 (1)

Some kids figured out propping their hula-hoop between two tables helped them hold it.  Once the rug made it 2-3 inches from the hoop, we cut the spokes off at the hoop.  To tie them off, we pushed one strand through the rug about 2 inches in and tied it to the other.
More images of my awesome kids working.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some finished rugs.

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