Tiny Houses

Tiny Houses

I love the idea of a tiny house.  Less house to clean.  Potentially freeing up income, especially on a teacher’s salary.  Let’s just say I have watched a lot of T.V. shows about tiny houses.
So…enter tiny house project.

Tiny house diagram

In this project students used graph paper to create 3d “blue prints” to design tiny houses.  Their houses had to be proportional to the dimensions of average real-life tiny houses.  Students had to conduct research for all of the appliances included on their blue prints and draw them to scale as well.  Dimensions, prices, and images of appliances all had to be documented in the Appliance Document provided to them through Google Classroom.

Appliance Document

Students used the Housing Expenses document to keep track of how much they spent building their house.  The spreadsheet helps add all their costs.  I’ve also included the rubric used to assess their houses.

Tiny House Project

Appliance Document



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