Shadow Box

Shadow Boxes

Shadow BoxArt 2 is just finishing up shadow boxes.  One of my Art 3 students gave me the inspiration for this project when she was selecting projects she would like to try as an independent assignment.

We started this project by watching the Youtube video below to gain an understanding of the project and the steps needed to complete it.



Students began by planning out the design for their lightbox.  We talked about what kinds of themes would work well.   The students decided organic type scenes would probably work best.  We talked about thinking in terms of foreground, middle ground, and background.  Things like mountains, tree branches, and even stalactites were determined to work well to help fill the different layers.

After creating one drawing of all the layers, most of the students labeled the parts of their drawings to figure out what parts need to be in each layer.  I asked them to create at least four layers out of their drawings.

Next, the students drew each layer out on a separate piece of card stock (or the paper that I had that was closest to the weight of card stock).  We then used Exacto knives to carefully cut out the images.  They needed to leave about a 1/4 inch frame around each layer.


The layers were then stacked on top of each other with a 1/4 frame of foam core stacked in between to help separate the layers.


I had the kids write down the measurements for their boxes and cut the  wood at home for frames.  The students glued and stapled their frames together.  Some of them painted their frames, one even dipped his.


I got batteries, the rolls of LED strip lights and connectors on Amazon, they were relatively inexpensive.

Close-ups of the lights and the battery connectors.

IMG_3300 (1)


The students cut back for their frames out of foam core.  They fit right inside of the frames, so we cut a small square out of the bottom corners to reach in and pull the batteries out to unplug them.


Some of our finished work:

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